January Event!

Happy new year folks!

January Event!

Thursday Jan 27th at 6:30.

At Stella 1224 1st Ave

Register here (free, of course)

Our first event was super fun! We had about 4 software companies focused on cleantech attend and a whole set of industry folks including an awesome group of folks from NW Energy Angels.

No one’s quite sure where this effort will go, but with one good event behind us, let’s do it again!

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What is Digital Cleantech Seattle?

Do you love software and have interest in cleantech? This group is for you!

Our goals are humble and focused – our main thing is to try to help connect folks interested in Cleantech and information technology for informal discussions and fun.

To this end, our initial plan is:

  1. Assemble an evening for networking and libations every 4-8 weeks. All are welcome
  2. Organize an email list to help folks connect

This is a modest experiment and we’ll see how it goes.  This is run by volunteers - entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, etc…  There’s no formal organization nor funding no commercial interests.

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